Humane Universe

A Lawful Universe

We exist in a perfect, lawful, natural Universe which is developing through a very precise evolutionary plan. There are intricately controlled cause and effect processes determining everything that is going on in the whole interdependent system, in order to safeguard balance and homeostasis, since without them life would not be possible.

We don’t know what “created”, initiated this system, how exactly the Big Bang unfolded, but modern day scientists know that the Universe we can observer is working by strict, unbending laws, forces, that the evolutionary plan is driving the system to a future, most optimal state. And their scientific “Holy Grail” is finding a certain “theory of everything”, which I would bundle all known forces and natural laws into a single, comprehensive, “intelligent” system.

Because they haven’t found such an all encompassing formula yet science is becoming theatrical, the scientists philosophize, invent all kinds of fantastical theories, multi-verses, “God particles”, trying to make sense of the system that remains incomprehensible to us.

While we sense “in our guts”, “know for certain” that there has to be an all-encompassing formula, principle behind what we see, we can’t find it.

Human Incompatibility

While this lawful arrangement, intricate integration is taken for granted for everything we can research, including our own biological bodies, interestingly when it comes to human interconnections, building human societies somehow we suspend, disregard nature’s laws.

We allow artificial, human laws to operate in our societies which are mostly against, incompatible with the fundamental, life-facilitating laws of nature.

We allow ourselves to ruthlessly, exclusively compete within our own species while all waging war at the natural environment around us, grasping, exploiting everything we can take our hands on, way above our true, natural necessities.

While nature is fully integrated and mutually complementing, we reject true integration, we reject mutually responsible and mutually complementing collaboration, even within our own species. Today we deny and dismember even the most basic building block of human society, the family.

Living By Faith

In truth while the universe is based on unbending, “iron” natural laws we, the proud human beings – regardless of religious beliefs or affiliation – all live based on “faith”.

We are all born inherently self-serving and self-justifying, and we all observe reality through a completely introverted and subjective perception of reality. Everything is measured, evaluated through an egocentric pleasure/pain calculation system, software.

Thus the picture we capture and compute from reality is by default distorted and limited, as we only take into account from a vast, cosmic system whatever is important for our instinctive, animate, day to day survival, fulfilment.

As a result the Universe we see, more precisely the Universe we believe to exist, is a miniscule, false, personal interpretation of the real one. This is why we are so incompatible with nature, against its laws.

Faith Within And Below Reason

There are two different “faith systems” people observe this distorted reality through.

Most secular people – those who accept modern day sciences, “facts” – blindly believe in the omnipotence of the subjective and egoistic Human mind. These people automatically accept what their eyes, ears, noses, tastebuds and tactile impressions show, and what their egoistic personal computer interprets from those sensory impressions.

These people follow “faith within reason”, believing that their inherent perception and intellect is capable of showing them an objective, realistic picture of reality.

This is still “faith” looking from a systemic point of view, since our inherent reason and sensory perception cannot give us a realistic picture, as it is completely distorted and subjective.

Still at least there is something to grasp, some data to work with, after all all “the judge has only what his eyes see”.

Then there are those who follow religions or other “faith based” teachings, who disregard even what their own perception, reason dictates, and instead blindly follow “indisputable” sages, dogmas, even if they contradict what the inherent (egocentric and subjective) perception and reason dictates.

These people follow “faith below reason”, basically building their lives on no tangible foundations at all except blind belief, “hearsay”.

Poetic Science

None of the above mentioned two “faith systems” can help us in building a true, realistic picture of reality. In order to directly perceive the world, in order to see a true picture, we would need to acquire similarity with the fundamental qualities of the system, since research, attainment works based on the “law of similarity of form”.

This is where we encounter a very great problem. Our inherently proud, individualistic and egoistic qualities are completely opposite to the fundamental qualities of the vast, cosmic, natural system. There is no tangible, useful thread, connection between our qualities and the qualities of the system

Fortunately a few, original, very unique, empirical natural scientists – that started to explore and fully attain reality thousands of years ago, continuing their important research until our days – left for us special writings, research journals in order to help us revealing the true, inner, governing qualities, laws of nature.

They also left us a method through which we can change, fine tune our own qualities until we reach the necessary similarity, equivalence.

The problem is that although their analysis, synthesis and the conclusions they made are perfect, completely precise with authentic mathematical descriptions, formulas, in order to give “normal people” the chance to comprehend and use their findings, they had to publish their “research journals” in a language everybody could understand.

Human beings are sentient creatures. We perceive, “think” and “make decisions” with our hormones, emotions. We are hubs of emotional impressions, as myriads of feelings, sensations are entering, exiting, streaming through us.

Our mind, intellect is only secondary, it serves the emotional faculties, sorting, cataloging, analyzing, preparing and supporting the emotions.

Thus the original research journals of those primordial, empirical scientists are written in a poetic, emotional language so their words, conclusions could create true, emotional impressions in us, which then the intellect can interpret, analyze.

But in order for those writings achieve their desired fine-tuning in us we need to study them in unique “human laboratories”, with the right purpose, intention.

This is why when people in general read the Torah or the Zohar and related writings – the principle research journals of those original empirical scientists – they read about a governing force or “creator” that has human emotions, they read about multiple characters, stories that are full of the deepest, most disturbing emotional states.

It is easy to see how people who don’t know the origins, the true meaning of those writings, who don’t know how to study them, can easily misunderstand, misinterpret, or mock and disregard them.

People who follow “faith below reason” can embrace the literal meaning of those stories, building dogmas, religions based on them although without the fundamental, “root” understanding, attainment the literal meaning is meaningless.

While people who follow “faith within reason”, believing they perceive reality through precise, “unemotional science”, mock and disregard those original scientific findings since they can’t accept a natural reality with Human emotions, a natural force that behaves like a tyrannical, deeply disturbed human king.

Emotional Perception

But in truth none of those poetic emotional stories, characteristics talk about, reflect on nature or the force-field permeating, governing it. Instead it reflects our own emotional perception of it.

When those writings talk about “God” or the force of nature being punishing or rewarding, peaceful or war mongering, they talk about how we, the observers sense our relationship to the system.

Even today in our “precise and scientific” human civilization we give a human face, human nature to the inanimate, vegetative and animate parts of the natural system, lending human characteristics, emotions to machines, computers, cars while clothing into humane emotions wild or domestic animals that behave purely according to survival instincts, reflexes.

But deep down our success or failure, our loving our hateful perception of reality solely depends on our compatibility with its laws.

And here we have a hit and miss type of relationship with those laws. There are many laws we figured out and learned to use by adapting to them.

For example by understanding the law of gravity and what ways we can circumvent it, we learned how to fly. Thus in this respect the system rewarded us while we feel happy and proud as if we invented something from nothing, although what we did was learning how to use nature’s laws and principles.

On the other hand due to our proud, egoistic and self-justifying nature we still go against nature’s most important law safeguarding balance and homeostasis.

Thus despite our partial successes as with flying overall we are stumbling from crisis to crisis, today finally threatening our own existence in multiple levels in a very serious, acute manner. So in this respect we feel nature’s system hostile towards us, punishing us, although it is ourselves who are incompatible.

Faith Above Reason

Thus in order to get to know the natural system so we could survive in the long term, we have no other chance but to take the method those original scientists left for us – however strange and archaic it seems – and then start using it purposefully in order to reach their attainment, sensing the natural system to its full depth through the acquired similarity.

One could justly ask how this method differs from the above mentioned “faith below reason”, since here also people need to abandon their original reason, logic or even emotional impressions in order to follow the recommendations, principles of others, performing actions,behaving in ways they can’t comprehend yet.

But this method – that is called faith above reason – is indeed very different. Through this method one doesn’t remain without solid foundations, as if hanging in between “heaven and earth”. Here one swaps one’s inherent reason and emotional picture to a completely new one, but then through the new one one can perceive reality again “within reason”.

But since perception happens through a completely new, improved set of “sensors and computer” one starts perceiving a completely new world.

Thus in “faith above reason” we are not talking about blind faith, but borrowing the mind and emotional impressions of those who stand on a quantitatively higher level than ourselves, performing actions, corrections with those borrowed mind and emotions until we clothe into them making it our own.

It is like a gradual game, play acting our next developmental level until our becomes real.

“Faith Above Reason” means we behave like professional actors who “dress like”, “behave like” a different character until they actually become that character. In our case we gradually want to become like nature, gradually clothing into nature’s completely selfless, altruistic, loving and serving character over our inherently selfish, egoistic nature.

The Universe Filled With Human Emotions

The purposeful and practical method those original, empirical scientists composed for us facilitates this gradual, incremental self-transformation. Which means that from the original, hostile, self-consuming, separated cancer cells we gradually become individual, unconditionally, mutually complementing cells, cogwheels of the vast, fully integrated, cosmic, natural system.

But there is a huge difference in between mechanical cogwheels, unemotional cells in the body and the sentient human beings who active this integration proactively.

First of all despite reaching seamless integration we don’t lose our awareness of our state. The initial “cancer cell-like” core doesn’t disappear. It becomes neutralized, covered by the new selfless, altruistic coating.

But its remaining, restricted “cancerous” presence provides a crucial contrast, comparative capability, giving us the unprecedented, verified awareness no other part of the natural system has.

Moreover our emotional perception remains. This instead of becoming inanimate, or unemotional cogwheels we clothe what we sense from the system into human emotions. We give the perfect natural system a “human face”.

In that seamlessly integrated state, in perfect balance, homeostasis we sense an unprecedented, incomprehensible joy, contentment flowing through us, we feel how the whole cosmic system comes alive, like an omnipotent genie being liberated from a tiny “magic lamp”.

The “simple biological, mathematical formula describing precise balance, homeostasis for us becomes the principle of “love your neighbor as yourself”. This flow of energy, forces harmoniously interacting in the system for us becomes the all encompassing sense of love filling the entire Universe we ourselves standing in its center.

We become the inanimate, vegetative and animate Universe with a Human face, filled with overflowing Human emotions. Reaching this indescribable state, a state that is beyond time, space or motion is the Human purpose of our lives.

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