Humanity’s Defining Virtue: Similarity To Nature

Question: If humanity was defined by one virtue, what should it be? Answer: Humanity’s defining virtue is “similitude”. “Human” – based on its Hebrew translation (Adam) means “similar”. Our Human purpose is to become similar to Nature’s perfect system in terms of qualities. Nature is described by the qualities of selfless, unconditional, mutually responsible and … More Humanity’s Defining Virtue: Similarity To Nature

Education That Raises Humans

Question: What is the thing that every high school education lacks? Answer: In general our education system is still based on the original model from the industrial revolution, considering education the factory like production of good workers and good consumers without any actual Human upbringing. Especially today, in the globally integrated and fully interdependent world … More Education That Raises Humans

Instilling Global, Integral Values

Question: What values should be instilled in 21st-century learners? Answer: Global, integral values. We need to understand what it means to exist in a globally integrated and interdependent world, while also understanding that this “globalization” is not man-made but it is an evolutionary, survival necessity. We are born from, still exist and evolve within the … More Instilling Global, Integral Values

In Order To Get To Know What We Don’t Know…

Question: What are examples of “knowing what we don’t know” and “not knowing what we don’t know”? Answer: At the moment we exist in the state of “not knowing what we do not know”. Due to our inherently egocentric, self-serving and subjective nature and perception we are convinced that we have reality mapped out, that … More In Order To Get To Know What We Don’t Know…

A Human With Soul

Question: Why do we consider ourselves humans if scriptures tell us we are the spirit/soul? Answer: First of all “scriptures” usually talk about a final, perfect evolutionary form which we have to actively, conscious reach, but this is not our default, instinctive state most of us are still in. Besides I think there is a … More A Human With Soul

The Meaning Of Human Existence: Observing Reality

Question: What is the meaning of human existence? What are our teleological potentials (i.e. what can we become)? What are our teleological imperatives (i.e. what must we become to fulfill our role in the order of reality)? Answer: The meaning of Human existence is to find and fulfill our Human role, purpose in Nature’s vast, … More The Meaning Of Human Existence: Observing Reality

Emotional Universe

Question: Why do people see faces in seemingly random things where no face has been drawn, painted, etched, etc.? Answer: We have this inherent tendency to “humanise” everything, to clothe inanimate, vegetative, animate parts of Nature into Human emotions, attributes. And instinctively we are actually very close to the truth. Although we think we exist … More Emotional Universe