In Order To Get To Know What We Don’t Know…

Question: What are examples of “knowing what we don’t know” and “not knowing what we don’t know”?

Answer: At the moment we exist in the state of “not knowing what we do not know”.

Due to our inherently egocentric, self-serving and subjective nature and perception we are convinced that we have reality mapped out, that we understand our world and the forces governing us.

Even when quantum physics has shattered our illusory, physical picture of reality – showing that we are completely oblivious about the true structure of reality we live in – we continue our stubborn exploration of the illusory Matrix we placed ourselves into.

So we have to start a unique, conscious, developmental path that will lead us to “know what we do not know”, that this physical reality actually does not exist, that we live in a dimension of forces, waves, thoughts and intentions where our subjective coordinates of time, space and motion do not exist.

In order to get to know what we still do not know we have to develop a unique, unprecedented “collective intelligence” through the appropriate, purposeful and practical educational method.

Then through the new collective intelligence we will be able to probe reality beyond our individual, subjective boundaries, researching and attaining reality “as it is” without illusions, subjective distortions.

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