A Cosmic Movie Set…

Question: Will the extinction of life on Earth affect the universe as a whole? If not, then is life itself overrated?

Answer: If we look at it from our present purely corporeal, egocentric, subjective point of view, based on the knowledge we gained from our “classical sciences”, extinction of life on Earth would not affect the life of the Universe, as Earth is just one planet of many in one Galaxy of many.

On the other hand unique, empirical Natural scientists – who researched and attained reality “as it is”, in its totality – explain to us that the whole Universe is nothing else but a “movie backdrop”, an educational facility for us Human beings to develop and reach our unique Human purpose in the system.

Thus from this “true”point of view we will have to reach that evolutionary purpose in any way, regardless of whether we consent to it or not.

The question – and our free – choice relates to the manner of how we reach that perfect, “happy ending”.

We can continue going through our blind, instinctive, vicious historic cycles, building and destroying civilizations until the increasingly intolerable suffering will force us to “open our eyes” and start searching for the overall meaning of life, finding our Human purpose in the system.

Or we can start this conscious, proactive search, using the tools of education Nature’s evolution provided us with in this “Matrix” – which tools and the method of using them the above mentioned unique scientists refined, collected and written down for us.

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