The Universe Calling..

Question: How do I recognise the signs from the universe? These days I feel like the universe is asking me to do something. Answer: You are very sensitive, as the Universe is truly communicating with us, “asking us” to do something. It wants us to search for and fulfill our unique, individual and collective Human … More The Universe Calling..

Controlling The Universe

Question: Could an advanced species potentially gain control over the fate of the universe? Answer: Yes, and that advanced species is destined to be Humanity. At the moment we develop into a “truly Human state” – where Human means (based on the original Hebrew expression) becoming similar to Nature’s vast system through matching qualities – … More Controlling The Universe

Drawing All The Attention

Question: Can humans live without getting attention? Answer: It is a just question. By our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective nature we can’t live without drawing attention to ourselves. Basically we perceive reality with ourselves at its center, we instinctively, innocently believe that the world was created for our selves, where we deserve this … More Drawing All The Attention

Personal Universe

Question: Does the vastness of our seeable universe show us how special we are or how insignificant we are? Answer: In truth the Universe what the Universe shows us is ourselves reflected back to us, since reality is the projection of our own internal qualities on a “white”, perfect canvas. Thus we can’t have any … More Personal Universe

Beyond Metaphysics, Trying To Prove And Attain A Seemingly Undetectable Force

Question: Is metaphysics a complicated argument for the existence of God or is the existence of God an absolute presupposition of a particular metaphysical investigation? Can a metaphysician argue equally well the non existence of God? Answer: Any science which tries to investigate a force, entity that is so far unknown has to start with … More Beyond Metaphysics, Trying To Prove And Attain A Seemingly Undetectable Force

A Single Organism

Question: Counting all trees as well, does the number of living beings on Earth always remain constant? Answer: In a way yes, since there is only a single living being in the Universe, which we are all individuals cells of. Humanity is a single organ in the fully integrated, interdependent “body” of the Natural Universe. … More A Single Organism

Improving Our Luck

Question: Why is the luck life better? Answer: I tried to search the expression “luck life” and I found only an anime series and a Japanese high school band. So I assume you refer to a life that depends on luck, rather than depending on conscious, purposeful cause and effect processes. I understand you, as … More Improving Our Luck

Accessing Nature’s “Cosmic Google” Search

Question: What emotions occur for you when a question isn’t answered? Answer: An unanswered question causes frustration, like an unfulfilled hunger, yearning. A question always signals a need,a need that needs to be fulfilled, thus when no answer comes it increases the need which we “decode” as pain. We are not aware of this consciously … More Accessing Nature’s “Cosmic Google” Search