Watching Or Directing The Movie Of Life?

Question: Didn’t every single atom that ever existed in the whole universe, from ages past to eons in the future, have a hand in me posting this question right now? Why not?

Answer: You are completely right. Moreover what you asked, and what I am answering is already completely predetermined. The whole Universe – including us – from the Big Bang till a so far unknown final, most optimal goal evolves through a completely fixed, intelligent developmental plan.

We do not have any individual or even collective free choice, we have to go through each and every cause and effect chain of this process without any option to change anything.

What we have free choice about is how we relate to this process, how consciously, with what level of awareness we go through it. We CAN choose to study the plan, its purpose, and our own Human role in it.

Then instead of being hapless, instinctive creatures that are pulled and pushed by instincts, hormonal reactions, intolerable suffering to move along, we can become fully conscious, active actors, always a step ahead of the plan, in advance, willingly choosing what the plan expects from us.

Then from passive supporting actors we become like the script writer, director of this cosmic movie!

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