The Triumph Of Goebbels’s Propaganda

Question: If Joseph Goebbels unintentionally time travelled and showed up injured at your front door, what would you do?

Answer: First of all, in order to ease his pain, I would show him media outlets like CNN, BBC and most others to make him proud that his propaganda technique of Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” truly works and by today it has made it to the global mainstream.

Beyond that I would not know what to do.

Many people today would welcome Goebbels and Hitler with open arms, considering the frighteningly increasing antisemitism, racial hatred worldwide. Moreover even many Jews today would help them, embrace them in their disdain, actual fight against Israel, as many Jews – actively, passively – actually helped, forced the Nazis to progress towards and finally execute their “Final Solution”.

Killing Goebbels would serve no real purpose – apart from personal revenge perhaps for those killed during the Holocaust. We already know that antisemitism, Jew-hatred is not a German invention, it did not grow out of a single person’s, or even a small groups’ propaganda, but it is a global, “natural” phenomenon.

If we want to solve antisemitism, any racial hatred, or hatred in between people in general, we would need to look into ourselves honestly, deeply, finding the root of such “baseless hatred” in our inherently selfish, subjective and hateful ego.

Then we would also understand why solving this “baseless hatred” in between people is in the hands of the Jews, the only people who have the actual historic experience and working purposeful, practical method for building mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections above and despite inherent differences and the instinctive, mutual hate, distrust.

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