The Solution For Midlife Crisis

Question: What advise would you give to someone in a mid life crisis?

Answer: There is one single reason for midlife-crisis (which in our generation starts already in teenage years!): the lack of true meaning, the lack of true Human purpose in life.

It is a sudden, frightening revelation – at an age when one should start feeling satisfaction from things achieved – that although seemingly the person has everything one can wish, one finds oneself in a terribly dark, empty place without motivation, without true desires, looking at approaching death at the end of a life wasted.

This is why people start running after unprecedented changes, greater, juicier, twisted pleasures, changing their cars, houses, leaving their families, trying to start teenage sports, habits just to escape that emptiness, wanting to resuscitate themselves from a life that already seems dead!

But all the “advice”, “treatment” is superficial, temporary.

We, Human beings cannot life without a true meaning, purpose! And we can’t even invent a purpose, a meaning for ourselves since what we need to do, the role we need to fulfill is already decoded in our DNA, it is recorded in Nature’s intelligent, predetermined evolutionary plan.

Thus the only solution – instead of running around like headless chickens, trying to change, uproot our normal life – is to enter a unique, closed, purposeful, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment where we receive the tools and the constant inspiration, pull and push to research, reveal an fulfill our evolutionary Human purpose which will finally give us our true driving force, true sense of existence, contentment and happiness for being born.

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