The Evolutionary Necessity Of Globalization, And Our “Immoral Decline”

Question: Should globalization be blamed for the transfer of immoral culture?

Answer: No.

Globalization – living in a globally integrated and fully interdependent Human society – is not something “man-made”. It is an evolutionary necessity, we evolved into such a world since otherwise Humanity would not be able to survive in a cosmic Natural system that is fully integrated and interdependent. The system will reject us if we do not adapt, integrate in it through our own integration with one another.

The “immoral culture”, the loss of Humane values, traditional compasses is a result of our inherently selfish, hateful and greedy nature reaching its maximum egotistic potential in our generation. But even for that we can’t place a blame, since it is also an evolutionary necessity!

Being born as hateful, greedy egoists is not a sin, since we did not have a choice about the nature evolution developed us. This – Human beings seemingly being “released into production” with a raw, unfinished, faulty software – has been purposeful.

Without our opposition to the otherwise selfless, altruistic, instinctively integrated Natural system, without gaining an “outsider” status, we would have never had the opportunity to acquire a very important independent point of view. And we need this independent point of view to examine, observe Nature’s system to reveal, attain and justify its perfection.

The truly Human part of evolution, our conscious Human free choice start only from now!

Having realized that our inherent nature is “evil”, that by following our instinctive attitude, behavior we are heading towards a “cancerous self-destruction”, we received the chance and the purposeful, practical method to “finish the job”, upgrade our operating software and integrate into Nature by integrating with each other.

But since we have our inherently opposite, “outsider” status we start with, and our ego won’t disappear but we build a second, upgraded nature, intention above it, we wont seamlessly disappear into the system as all other elements, living creatures.

We will acquire a very unique dual perception, comparative research ability, verifying, attaining and justifying Nature’s altruistic perfection against our “evil”, self-destructive ego.

This is how Natural evolution’s perfect, predetermined plan unfolds, guiding us towards our very unique Human role in the system: “Crowns of Evolution”.

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