A Strange Habit Of Donald Trump

Question: What are some strange habits of Donald Trump? Answer: I really don’t know him and whatever we “know” about him comes from a completely distorted, biased media propaganda. But overall one “strange habit” he seems to have is questioning all the accepted, politically correct, established opinions, practices the entrenched final establishment had built during … More A Strange Habit Of Donald Trump

The Oppressive Dogma Of Political Correctness

Question: What would the most politically correct person be like? Would they be nice? It seems like PC people aren’t usually the nicest or happiest. Answer: When one is forced into an unnatural, artificial, pretense state all the time, one cannot be “nice”. Moreover in order to keep such an artificial state alive one has … More The Oppressive Dogma Of Political Correctness

The End Of The World As We Know It…

Question: Why does modern society disregard science and facts, favor opinions over research and evidence, and challenge scientific authority that aims to help society? Answer: This is very multi-faceted question. First of all our generation is the most closed-minded and ignorant in Human history. We don’t care about anything else, but to fulfill our instinctive, … More The End Of The World As We Know It…

Political Dead End

Question: Have you ever witnessed someone having a sudden and complete reversal of a long-held political belief? Answer: Not really. But I have been witnessing masses of people losing faith in anything political, either not voting at all, not caring about what politicians say or do, or they vote for completely unusual, untested, unknown candidates … More Political Dead End

Humanity’s Futile Existential Crisis

Question: What exemplifies futility of humanity? Answer: I think right now the best example is the unfolding demise of Europe. After all the idea of European Union, different nations assembling to facilitate economic cooperation, create common markets, harmonize financial institutions, allow free flow of workforce, create a common space without borders is a perfect, moreover … More Humanity’s Futile Existential Crisis