Building A Perfect Humanity From True Nations

Question: How can we get past fear, as a Nation?

Answer: In order to get past fear (any fear) as a Nation (any nation), first we have to learn what a Nation actually is.

In order to truly be a “Nation” it is not enough to assemble people on genetic, cultural, social platforms, similarities, or to try to build comfortable economic, financial conditions for them.

A “Nation” means an internal bond which can be achieved independent of genetic, tribal, cultural or financial origins, conditions. It is possible to build a Nation by the right, purposeful and practical “national education” which is not built on achieving unity against enemies, against mutual hate targets, but by focusing on positive, constructive common goals the Nation can achieve, with which the specific Nation can positively contribute to the global “assembly of Nations.

So far in history we have only one, single example of such an education producing a “perfect Nation”: the original Jewish Nation that was born at Sinai. Only than it became possible to unite an otherwise diverse, infighting, unruly assembly of people b the principle of “mutual guarantee”, making them pledge to become “as one man with one heart” despite their raging, instinctive, mutual “baseless hatred” (Sinai means hatred in Hebrew).

This is why the Jewish role of “Tikkun Olam”, becoming “Light unto others” is about to teach this “nation building” through their own positive example which can finally lead to the assembly of Humanity’s perfect, equal, mutually complementing mosaic as each individual and Nation finds their own optimal cogwheel role.

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