Bipartisan Politics Or True Cooperation?

Question: Is there a such thing as Bipartisan politics or is it just a lie?

Answer: As others suggested the is such a thing. Even enemies can unite and work together if such a cooperation benefits both more, than what they would gain from opposing one another.

Or they can unite and work together towards a common enemy of the threat from that enemy is greater than their opposition, hate against each other.

We are very “simple” creatures operating by an egotistic, subjective “pleasure/pain” cost/benefit calculation. This all happens instinctively without about “greater good”, our “high, honourable” considerations.

The real art would be making enemies, opponents, politicians and parties to work mutually together for true “greater good”, for the benefit of the public above and even against self-benefit, selfish profit.

But nobody, neither politicians nor “simple people” are capable of acting like that, since this is against our inherently selfish, egotistic nature.

In order to build true “bipartisanship”, true unity and mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation we would need to rise above ourselves, learn how to act against ourselves for the sake of others.

Why would we want to do so?! Because otherwise we won’t be able to solve problems and survive in a globally integrated, fully independent world!

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