The Significance Of Marriage

Question: What changes occur or came to your life after your marriage?

Answer: Marriage means a dramatic – one could say “brutal” – change in a person’s life. After all two inherently proudly egotistic, selfish, narcissistic and subjective people pledge to live together, make constant compromises, fundamentally change their lives in order to accommodate the other.

We can’t blame people who say, and show in practice, that classical marriage is unsuitable for our extremely egotistic, narcissistic, self-serving and self-justifying generation which also lives to 100 years or beyond, thus condemning two people to a life with each other for potentially 60–80 years!

We can’t recommend, try to resuscitate marriage, the classical family model without examining our own Human purpose, how we need to fit into Humanity’s fully integrated and interdependent system within the closed, fully integrated Nature we evolved from and still exist in.

Only then we can look at marriage as the most important “cell”, laboratory where a person can exercise, practice purposeful self-annulment towards another, where we can learn what “true love” – selfless sensation and unconditional fulfillment of the needs, desires of another – is. Then through this laboratory we can “produce”, refine a “truly Human being” which can then integrate into any environment, community, becoming a mutually supportive, mutually complementing part of it.

Most importantly only the conditions of marriage – and similar mutual commitments, guarantees – gives us the opportunity to build something unprecedented, common in between us, which includes everything that is in the individuals, but in their perfect integration they produce an “extra ingredient”, something that did not exist in either of them before.

This new, unprecedented, “Human coefficient” – the mutual, overlapping area of their self-annulment towards each other – is a new, mutual consciousness, perception of reality which lifts the partners to a completely new, qualitatively much higher level of existence.

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