Conditions For A Healthy Relationship

Question: What are the top 3 things that’s important to have to have a healthy relationship with your life partner? Answer: 1.Mutual self-annulment towards one another. 2. Selfless, unconditional service of the desires, needs of the other, by setting reality through the viewpoint of the other. 3. Special education, upbringing which can purposefully, methodically, practically … More Conditions For A Healthy Relationship

Perfect Marriage

Question: What marriage values and principles are the most important to you? Answer: I think this is expressed most beautifully in the phrase, “Husband, Wife and the Divinity in between them”. A marriage is the most difficult thing in life. After all two, inherently proud, individualistic, 100% egotistic people make a pledge to stay together … More Perfect Marriage

The Covenant Of Marriage As A Tool Against Egoism

Question: Is marriage necessary in life? Why or why not? Answer: Yes, it is necessary. We can define marriage as a committed, “life long” partnership of two otherwise egotistic, individualistic people. Without such a mutually committed relationship we can never learn how to make true compromises and rise above our self-serving, self-justifying instincts. Without such … More The Covenant Of Marriage As A Tool Against Egoism

Let’s Micro-Date!… Really?!

Question: What is something that’s underrated in this day and age? Answer: In this day and age, when only superficial, fake looks, actions are taken into consideration, when we measure everything through material possessions, through one’s monetary worth, the most underrated thing is “Human connection”. We think we connect through social media, that we have … More Let’s Micro-Date!… Really?!

Perfect Relationship – Where “I” Don’t Exist…

Question: What is one thing you regret in your relationship? Answer: I regret that my inherently egoistic, selfish and hateful nature still gets the better of me, and I believe my subjective perception that always shows a negative picture, negative judgement of others – even the loved ones – thus I keep hurting them, causing … More Perfect Relationship – Where “I” Don’t Exist…