Perfect Relationship – Where “I” Don’t Exist…

Question: What is one thing you regret in your relationship?

Answer: I regret that my inherently egoistic, selfish and hateful nature still gets the better of me, and I believe my subjective perception that always shows a negative picture, negative judgement of others – even the loved ones – thus I keep hurting them, causing harm.

I am still not strong enough to return to the neutral, middle ground successful couples build together, where “Divinity” – the mutual quality of selfless, altruistic, unconditional love and service of the other – dwells in between husband and wife.

To build such a unique, mutual sanctuary takes years, special education and a strong mutual commitment. Otherwise two inherently proud, individualistic egoists can’t stay together for long – as our society proves with the utter destruction of the traditional family model.

And since the family is the fundamental building block, pillar of any healthy Human society our “modern” societies are falling into pieces.

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