Harsh Society

Question: What is the Harsh reality of our society? Answer: The harsh reality of our society is that it is constantly breaking up, it is in a constant state of crisis, and neither democracy, nor economics works, as all our ideologies, systems are built on our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful, greedy and subjective nature. And … More Harsh Society

Love Above All

Question: What comes first, health, wealth or love? Answer: Love – meaning “true love”. “True love” is very different from the “love” we define in our usual life. The usual “love” is also called “fish-love” – meaning “I love fish because it tastes good”. Thus the instinctive love we feel, we sing, write, dream about … More Love Above All

Let’s Micro-Date!… Really?!

Question: What is something that’s underrated in this day and age? Answer: In this day and age, when only superficial, fake looks, actions are taken into consideration, when we measure everything through material possessions, through one’s monetary worth, the most underrated thing is “Human connection”. We think we connect through social media, that we have … More Let’s Micro-Date!… Really?!

Good Listening

Question: When does “listening” really matter? Answer: Listening really matters when we listen with the intention to hear and feel. Listening becomes useful when we listen with a true intent, wanting to sense, taste the desires, needs and viewpoints of others. Through such a purposeful listening we can actually penetrate into those desires, needs and … More Good Listening

The Only Skill Needed: Connection Building

Question: What is a skill that would make the world a better place if more people learned it? Answer: “Networking” – meaning building positive, sustainable, mutually responsible, mutually supportive and mutually complementing connections, cooperation. In a globally integrated and fully interdependent world this is the only skill that can offer problem solving ability and long-term … More The Only Skill Needed: Connection Building

Loneliness Epidemic

Question: Why is there an epidemic of loneliness in our current society? Answer: Because we have reached the self-destructive peak of our egotistic Human development. Our inherently egocentric, self-serving, subjective, distrusting and hateful nature has closed us into our own introverted fortresses. Young people avoid marriage, they don’t want their own children, entire nations are … More Loneliness Epidemic