Good Listening

Question: When does “listening” really matter? Answer: Listening really matters when we listen with the intention to hear and feel. Listening becomes useful when we listen with a true intent, wanting to sense, taste the desires, needs and viewpoints of others. Through such a purposeful listening we can actually penetrate into those desires, needs and … More Good Listening

The Only Skill Needed: Connection Building

Question: What is a skill that would make the world a better place if more people learned it? Answer: “Networking” – meaning building positive, sustainable, mutually responsible, mutually supportive and mutually complementing connections, cooperation. In a globally integrated and fully interdependent world this is the only skill that can offer problem solving ability and long-term … More The Only Skill Needed: Connection Building

Loneliness Epidemic

Question: Why is there an epidemic of loneliness in our current society? Answer: Because we have reached the self-destructive peak of our egotistic Human development. Our inherently egocentric, self-serving, subjective, distrusting and hateful nature has closed us into our own introverted fortresses. Young people avoid marriage, they don’t want their own children, entire nations are … More Loneliness Epidemic

You Will Never Regret Building Connections…

Question: What should I get started working on in my 20s so that I will not regret later in life? Answer: You will never regret building purposeful, committed, mutually supportive and mutually complementing interconnections with like minded people. In the globally integrated, fully interdependent world have evolved into success, happens, development and growth all depend … More You Will Never Regret Building Connections…

Perfect Relationship – Where “I” Don’t Exist…

Question: What is one thing you regret in your relationship? Answer: I regret that my inherently egoistic, selfish and hateful nature still gets the better of me, and I believe my subjective perception that always shows a negative picture, negative judgement of others – even the loved ones – thus I keep hurting them, causing … More Perfect Relationship – Where “I” Don’t Exist…

How Can I Love?!

Question: Do you ever worry that certain characteristics intrinsic to the nature of your personality make you unworthy of happiness and love? Answer: I worry about it constantly, especially as I know already, that my inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful characteristics are directly against meriting happiness and love! True love is a state when I disappear … More How Can I Love?!

Listening To Others

Question: How can a person learn to listen to other’s opinions without being offended? Answer: For that we need a unique, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment that follows a special, purposeful and practical educational method. By default we are incapable of listening to, accepting the opinions of others. Our inherently self-centered, introverted, subjective and … More Listening To Others

Social Creatures

Question: Could you survive emotionally if everyone you know and love disappeared? Answer: It is a very interesting question. I have seen a daunting Scandinavian movie called “Bokeh” which explores the exact situation you asked about. Two young Americans – a loving couple – are traveling in Scandinavia when one morning they wake up and … More Social Creatures