Social Creatures

Question: Could you survive emotionally if everyone you know and love disappeared?

Answer: It is a very interesting question. I have seen a daunting Scandinavian movie called “Bokeh” which explores the exact situation you asked about.

Two young Americans – a loving couple – are traveling in Scandinavia when one morning they wake up and see that each and every human being disappeared. Then when they start calling, searching for others all over the world they find that probably they are the only last two survivals in the whole world. And there is no obvious reason for this! Later they find an old fisherman, but he also dies a day later.

The girl finds that she cannot live without her family, without friends, other people even if she has her loving boyfriend with her, trying to give her everything he can. finding the practicalities how to survive.

At the end the girl can’t take it and commits suicide. And while the film does not follow it through, it is clear that the boy also won’t be able to continue without at least the girl being at his side.

We are social creatures. We can’t survive – at least not as Humans – without a Human environment. As “tales” like Tarzan or the “Book of Jungle”, moreover some real life examples proves a Human can “regress” to the animate level to survive among other animals, but in order to be and remain Human, we need the company and mutually responsible, mutually complementing relationship to other Humans.

Thus we have to cherish, keep and constantly upgrade our interconnections above and despite our inherently distrusting, hateful, egoistic nature. Our Human life, problem solving ability and our collective Human survival depends only on those connections.

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