The Useful, Contrasting Ego

Question: What is the human ego and what is its purpose?

Answer: In general the “Human ego” is our matter, this is all we have. It is an insatiable desire for pleasures, rewards, profit for ourselves. It is not evil or sinful, after all we are born this way, we had no choice about the nature we are born with. Moreover there is nothing accidental, obsolete in Nature’s perfect system.

Having such an inherent, selfish, egoistic Human nature has its very important evolutionary purpose!

This ego, which separates us from each other, which incites hate, separation, ruthless and exclusive competition, which forces us to succeed at the expense of others, also separates us from Nature’s otherwise perfect, fully integrated and fully interdependent system.

And this is a “good thing”.

Without this separation, without this “outsider status” we would never had the chance to become independent, we would never had the chance to develop an objective viewpoint from which we can study and attain the whole system of reality!

In order to develop this unique, “truly Human” observer point, to become true, empirical scientists of Nature and its evolutionary plan we have to start integrating with each other and together with Nature’s system above and against our inherent nature.

Contrary to any other element of the system this conscious integration – against ourselves – will give us a very unique, unparalleled “dual perception” of reality, one from within the ego, one above and against the ego.

True, objective perception of reality, attainment, research is possible only from within contrast, from comparative research. Without the background, darkness of the ego we could never examine and reveal the perfection, “Light” of Nature’s perfect system.

Without the ego’s assistance we could never become “truly Human” beings, “Human observers”, ones that are similar to Nature’s system but not like animals or other elements in it, but ones that gain such knowledge, wisdom, understanding of the system that they tangibly feel as if they themselves designed and governed it!

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