Worldview Through Human Connection

Question: How did your worldview change once you stopped watching the “news” (from all sources) and actually stepped outside and travelled and met your neighbors and fellow humans?

Answer: My worldview has changed completely. Instead of an artificial, hopeless, hostile world where you constantly have to consume products or others I have found a “Human world”.

In this Human world – despite everybody being different, diverse, seemingly incompatible with each other – through the right method, organizing the right environment we can build mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections. And within those connections – in between instinctive distrust, rejection and the artificially built mutual “brotherly love” – we can discover what it means to become “truly Human”.

Our Human identity can be found only through the desires, needs and viewpoint of others. It does not exist within our inherently self-serving, egoistic, hateful and subjective cocoon, which cocoon the present “society” and its prevalent systems, media, entertainment is serving.

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