Insatiable Human Desire

Question: How do you balance between striving for more and being content of what you already have?

Answer: In truth our inherent nature is such that we simply can’t be content with what we have. As wise sages expressed it, “if one day we are content with 200, next day we already want 400 and so on…” Our matter, driving force is an insatiable desire for ever growing pleasures for ourselves.

And this is a good thing, without this fuel, driving force we would have never developed, progressed either individually or collectively. We could even say that we have to be content with the fact that we are never content, we have to be joyful for the ever growing desire, hunger that keep us going forward, higher and higher!

The only question is how we channel, use this insatiable desire.

Do we let it control us and we consume everything and everybody recklessly like cancer, as we have been doing so far?

Or we learn how to channel, use, ride this insatiable desire in a controlled, constructive manner, mutually complementing each other and thus propelling Humanity towards a qualitatively much higher level of existence?!

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