Human Ego, Human Personality

Question: What is the difference between the human ego and the human personality?

Answer: We could say the following:

The “EGO”, our inherently egoistic, self-serving and self-justifying nature is our matter. This matter, driving force that makes all our calculations based on a selfish pleasure/pain principle is given. This is how we are built and there is nothing we can do about it.

This EGO cannot be suppressed or deleted as without it, without its raw power we would not exist. This is why – as we have ample historic example about it – any forceful attempt to suppress, delete the ego invites a violent rebound effect from it.

On the other hand “personality” is something that evolves, that changes, that we can consciously refine, upgrade. This personality develops through 4 factors: genetic inheritance, upbringing, education and the environment we live in.

We could name this “personality” the intention we live by, we act with. We can consider this “personality/intention” as the clothing the EGO dresses into.

Thus who we become, how the instinctive, raw EGO is used, channeled depends on what personality, intention it dresses into.

Without conscious adjustments the personality, intention simply follows the EGO, as this is the “natural” simple way of living. Thus the EGO and its clothing is the same, we do everything only for our own sake. This EGOistic intention has been shaping our Human world until now, leading us through the recurring, vicious historic cycles.

But through the right upbringing, right education, within the right environment we can refine, upgrade our personality, intention to such an extent, that it becomes opposite to the original, instinctive EGOistic intention. We can change our “clothing” like a method actor practicing the role until that role becomes the person. Then the EGO’s raw power reluctantly start fueling the new, positive intention.

This is how the inherently 100% EGOistic human can become a selfless, altruistic, caring and loving Human Being that is capable of building unity and mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation with others.

Why is this important?

Because without this unique, fundamental “change of clothing”, subsequent unity and cooperation we will not survive in a fully integrated and interdependent world!

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