The Problematic “For” Advice

Question: Why do people ask for my advice then turn around and tell me never to try to help them again?

Answer: It is because the state – where one needs to turn to another for help, advice -is already humiliating for our inherently self-justifying, proud, subjective ego.

If the advice is good then the humiliation grows as they would need to thank you for the help provided. If the advice is bad than they can happily turn the anger against you paying back for the “humiliation”.

And of course from our own part we enjoy giving advice, help others for the same reason, to show how much higher, how much more clever we are…

None of this is “evil” or “sinful” we simply act instinctively according to the nature we are born with. As long as we continue behaving, relating to each other instinctively this will only get worse.

Thus we will need to get used to a completely new type of human communication, connection when through mutual trust, mutual guarantee we freely, without any shame rely on the mutual support, advice of others, happily “throwing our own mind” away.

This is for a very specific reason: above, instead of our own mind and logic, perceiving, experiencing the world through the mind,logic, viewpoints of others we can escape our inherently selfish, subjective viewpoint and gain a transparent, objective, true perception of reality!

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