Gossip Is Like Cancer, Good, Metastatizes, Destroys

Question: Why do many people think talking behind someone’s back is worse than saying bad things to one’s face? Answer: We can probably use the following example: when people speak behind each other’s back is like an undetected cancer that spreads, destroys but in the lack of proper diagnosis one can’t treat and cure it. … More Gossip Is Like Cancer, Good, Metastatizes, Destroys

Most Hurtful

Question: What is the most hurtful thing you have ever done to someone else? Answer: The most hurtful thing one can do to another is not accepting, reciprocating true love. True love is the deepest, most difficult and involving Human emotional state, when gives up one’s self completely in order to disappear into the other, … More Most Hurtful

Burning Shame

Question: Why we would prefer to have nothing rather than an unfair share? What is the psychology behind it? Answer: I would refine the question saying, “Why we would prefer to have nothing, rather than an unfair share, if others know that we obtained that share unfairly?” We would prefer nothing to unfair share due … More Burning Shame

Shameful Free Lunch

Question: If you can choose 3 things that should be free for everyone what would they be? Answer: Actually I wouldn’t give anything for free. Our inherent nature – that makes constant egoistic, self-serving calculations – can’t appreciate anything that is free. A free gift that is not very worthy ends up lost, disregarded, “placed … More Shameful Free Lunch