Most Hurtful

Question: What is the most hurtful thing you have ever done to someone else?

Answer: The most hurtful thing one can do to another is not accepting, reciprocating true love.

True love is the deepest, most difficult and involving Human emotional state, when gives up one’s self completely in order to disappear into the other, exist, perceive everything through the desires, needs and viewpoints of that other in order to fulfill them perfectly, without any selfish, egoistic calculations.

Rejecting, not reciprocating true love is like “killing” that other, which is the most shameful act possible in life. Sensing true love coming from another is also a difficult state as one feels stunned, coerced to react, either accepting it by giving up oneself or rejecting it burnt by incredible shame.

I have hurt people like that and I am bearing the shame ever since…

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