The Power Of Attitude

Question: If given a choice, what would be the one thing that you would change about the world, and why?

Answer: There is only one thing that needs changing in the world anyway: to change our attitude, how we relate to the world, how we relate to others.

By default – driven by our inherently egocentric, self-protective, self-justifying, subjective and distrusting nature – we relate to everybody as enemies, rivals, competitors, thus our whole life is constant fight, exclusive, exploitative competition for resources, survival. This process starts from kindergarten and continues until we pass away.

And since our perception is based in the similarity, matching frequencies in between observer and observed, as long as we see others through our dark, egoistic, hostile glasses we see the others the same way – and in such a way we can fully justify our inherent behavior.

But what if we could change our outlook, what if we could suspend our instinctive approach, reaction towards others and the world? What if we could acquire a “supernatural” acceptance, even love towards everybody, a “love without reason” that is not based on expected self-interest or even favorable reaction from the others?

This is something we can try, experiment with in a unique, purposefully built and conducted “Human laboratory” – group – where everybody commits to try this unprecedented approach towards life.

Then when for the first time we find that we could suspend the automatic negative judgement, self-justifying assessment of others, when we can rise above instinctive distrust, criticism and sense a positive inclination – as if being lifted on “borrowed wings” – we start to see those others and the whole world in a completely different light.

Through our own unconditional, “baseless” love towards what is outside of the self, we start to see absolute perfection, infinite happiness and fulfillment flooding everything.

Nothing has changed only the way we ourselves relate to what is outside of the self. Thus only our own attitude needs to change, nothing else.

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