Building Society On The Best “Memory”

Question: Is there one memory that you use to compare what happiness is “supposed” to feel like to you?

Answer: I try to use one “memory” I do not actively remember: being in the mother’s womb.

There is no more perfect, blissful state than being instantly, perfectly unquestionably cared for without the need to ask. The moment a need, necessity appears it is immediately, most optimally fulfilled!

Now obviously we can’t return to the actual mother’s womb, but we can try to build similar conditions for ourselves in order to recreate such a perfect, completely content, blissful state.

We can build an “artificial incubator” – a unique Human environment, where each person feels cared for to such an extent that it gives the sensation as if being in the mother’s womb.

In a very unique “dual arrangement” – that is called “mutual guarantee” – each member would become the embryo inside this warm, fully supportive environment, while on the other side they would also provide the mutually supportive, mutually complementing “incubator” for each other.

This kind of environment, society is the future of Human society, as only in this way can we solve problems, progress and survive in a fully, intricately integrated and interdependent Natural system.

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