A Human Life

Question: What is your purpose in your life? How does this relate to your career? Your relationships? And your spiritualism?

Answer: My overall goal, purpose in life is to study the Natural system of reality we exist in, to unveil its predetermined, intelligent evolutionary plan that contains all the cause and effect processes driving our lives. Then I could identify, understand and finally fulfill my unique, Human “cogwheel role” in the system.

If I can hold onto this overall goal – with the help of a unique, purposeful, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment – then everything else in life – family, work, any other activities, influences – become purposeful, and they all fall into place, align towards that steadfastly kept overall goal.

“True spirituality” denotes the final, conscious phase of Human evolution when people start to rise above their blind, instinctive lives and start consciously progressing towards the above mentioned purpose – as determined by Nature’s plan of evolution.

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