Let’s Micro-Date!… Really?!

Question: What is something that’s underrated in this day and age? Answer: In this day and age, when only superficial, fake looks, actions are taken into consideration, when we measure everything through material possessions, through one’s monetary worth, the most underrated thing is “Human connection”. We think we connect through social media, that we have … More Let’s Micro-Date!… Really?!

Rising Above Negativity In “Noah’s Ark”…

Question: How can one ascend above the negative mentality that surrounds us? Answer: Alone it is impossible, we just drown in the constant negativity, hate and fighting that surrounds us both in real life and through the “circus and bread entertainment” we are served with. Only a purposeful, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment can offer … More Rising Above Negativity In “Noah’s Ark”…

Best Advice: Forget About Yourself!

Question: What was the best piece of advice you ever received? How did it change your outlook/life? Answer: “Do not look for fulfillment, happiness in yourself, but work for, facilitate fulfillment, happiness in others!” This has changed my consciousness, perception of reality from a very limited, transient, egocentric, subjective, hopeless one to an infinite, eternal, … More Best Advice: Forget About Yourself!

Good Listening

Question: When does “listening” really matter? Answer: Listening really matters when we listen with the intention to hear and feel. Listening becomes useful when we listen with a true intent, wanting to sense, taste the desires, needs and viewpoints of others. Through such a purposeful listening we can actually penetrate into those desires, needs and … More Good Listening

How Can We “Have The Cake And Eat It” Too?

Question: What is a simple thing you can do to make the people around you a bit happier? Answer: Since “true happiness” is a positive, collective emotional impression that arises from purposefully built, mutually supportive, mutually fulfilling Human connections, in order to make people happier we need to help them build such interconnections with each … More How Can We “Have The Cake And Eat It” Too?