The Human Purpose Machine’s Are Incapable Of

Question: What is the purpose of our existence, knowing that machines could be doing everything we’re doing far better than us?

Answer: It is completely true that very soon machines will be able to do everything – even such delicate actions like performing operations on patients in hospitals – better than us.

But our purpose in existence is not about doing, it is not about fulfilling our basic, natural necessities to secure a simple – or even regal – day to day existence.

Our Human purpose in existence is to understand why we are here, why we are considered Human and not just some sophisticated animals who learned how to use tools, communication better than other animals.

Our Human purpose is to find life’s actual meaning and not only in some mystical, ‘spiritual” sense. By entering the “inner”, thought, intention level of existence – while the machines can do everything else – gives us access to Nature’s complete, deterministic and intelligent evolutionary plan, and to the initial “idea” about why the Universe came to existence in the first place.

By making this truly Human transition we can attain such knowledge, wisdom, that will give us a realistic, tangible sensation as if we ourselves “designed” and “created” the reality we exist in. This absolutely real sensation – which we can achieve here and now – is the Human purpose of our lives.

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