The Complexity Of Simplicity

Question: Do you feel things to be very simple?

Answer: There is an interesting example about a family who goes to the hospital to visit a relative, and during the visit they encounter the cleaner, a nurse, a junior doctor and finally the professor, and they ask all of them about the state, prospects of the patient.

At the end they all hear the same diagnosis and the planned treatment option from all.

The cleaner expresses it in a very simple clear, undoubted way.

The nurse is a bit more vague but still absolutely convinced that everything is under control.

The junior doctor already does not dare to talk in absolutes, in a black and white way, but already talks in term of percentages, different scenarios, possible complications, other options.

Finally the professor admits that while the diagnosis and the treatment plan is decided for the time being, he/she is still uncertain about what is happening and still there is need for more investigations, more scrutiny, apologizes for not being able to provide clear answers.

Everything looks simple when we look at things superficially. But as we delve deeper we start to see the myriads of different factors, cause and effect scenarios influencing even the most simple looking state, action.

When we go through the endless doubts, scrutinizes, trials and errors, failing and succeeding, learning from both,. we will arrive probably to the same, “simple” picture. But we will know exactly why and how we see that picture as we have all the tastes, inner impressions of that state, we ourselves have become that state.

That is the attainment of true simplicity through infinite complexity.

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