Becoming Good Citizens

Question: How important is it that every citizen tries to be a good citizen?

Answer: As others already pointed out, a society cannot function without its members keeping certain laws that facilitate the optimal function of that society, maintaining its integrity, security, development.

Today in a world that has become completely integrated and interdependent it is easier to see and explain how much each and every person is personally responsible for the well-being of everybody else not only in their own countries, but for the whole, global Human society.

Still, the question remains, how we could best define those rules, laws that “good citizens” need to maintain for such an optimal state? How can we define, teach rules, laws that people will keep willingly, without the need of coercion, red tapes, oppression, punishment?

This all depends on the right education, upbringing which can explain to people the fundamental laws governing Nature’s perfect, closed, integral system, since Humanity – also being a closed, integral Natural system – needs to follow the same laws, principles in order to survive.

This is why a society that is comprised of “good citizens” will be built on the system of “mutual guarantee”, where we can implement in practice the well-known but so far unused principle of “love your neighbor as yourself”.

Contrary to popular knowledge this principle has nothing to do with religion, mysticism or “spirituality”. Instead it is a symbolic, poetic expression of Nature’s most important law that safeguards, sustains balance and homeostasis in closed, integral Natural systems, where each comprising element – in our case the “citizens” of society – altruistically serve each other, make calculations only for the benefit, well-being of the whole collective.

Though this principle goes directly against our inherently individualistic, egocentric and subjective nature, through the right education, upbringing we can all understand that when we “sit on the same boat”, when we are all cells of the same body, collective prosperity, collective survival is equal to individual prosperity and individual survival.

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