The Major Issue Of Each Society

Question: What are the major issues of every society? What are the names of those countries that face these issues?

Answer: Today all nations, cultures, societies face the same issues without exception.

In a fully integrated and interdependent world, where everybody has become responsible for everybody else we are recognizing – through the developing crisis, societal breakdown – that we simply can’t make calculations for anything, anybody else but ourselves.

We started to see that even when our collective life, survival depends on it we cannot give up, forsake selfish benefits, justifying ourselves at all cost, we are unable to build unity and mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections for the benefit of the whole.

From the Brexit to the American political situation, from the standoff in the EU to the brewing disasters in the Middle East, seeing how even wealthy countries destroy their own health systems, educations due to greed, subjective short-sightedness we can see, how our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful and greedy ego destroys us.

There is nothing else that needs recognition and correction as all other problems, the whole crisis is simply the symptomatology of our “ego-cancer”. Moreover the ego cannot be suppressed or erased as we ave also learned through history, as any such attempt causes only an ever stronger rebound effect.

Thus we need a very special, purposeful and practical educational method which can help us harness, channel our inherently egoistic nature towards positive, collective, constructive purposes, goals.

That will help us build a healthy, prosperous, triumphant “Human super-organism”, multi-cellular body from the bickering, self-destructive individual cancer-cells we are today.

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