A Purposefully Broken World

Question: How has the world gone mad and the system broken?

Answer: In truth we have been played. Natural evolution “created” the Humans with an insatiable selfish desire for egoistic pleasures and placed us into this real life “Garden of Eden” saying: “Here you go everything is open, free to take, enjoy!”

Thus for millennia we have been chasing the “American Dream” – unlimited, immediate, perfect fulfillments for me, me, me… – long time before we actually had a name for it.

And now we find ourselves in an unsolvable, total crisis encompassing all Human activity, bitterly recognizing that by loyally following our inherent software we live and will die as cancer.

But the seemingly cruel joke from evolution was purposeful. As we have also received a unique Human mind capable of critical self-assessment, and the ability to initiate self-changes we have free choice.

In this desperate dead end or generation find itself we can choose to upgrade our operating software – by borrowing Nature’s blueprint/software patch of altruistic, selfless integration for the sake of collective survival.

By doing so we would acquire a completely unparalleled contrast, dual consciousness and perception that can help us research and attain Nature’s perfect reality, the whole Universe in the truest, objective manner.

In turns out that millennia of blind, egoistic development was just the prelude to the last, short phase of conscious, proactive progress until we reach our unique Human purpose in the system: sensing, owning that while system in the acquired contrast, comparative research, realistically feeling as if we ourselves “designed, created” all.

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