Avoiding Midlife Crisis

Question: Have you ever experienced a midlife crisis? Did you ever get out of it? Answer: I am 53 this year and I have experienced “midlife crisis” but fortunately only in a “shadowy” way, as if watching someone else going through it, sensing, feeling, observing the despair, helplessness, exploding new desires, panic to grab everything … More Avoiding Midlife Crisis

The Exciting Responsibility Of Generation Z

Question: What positive changes will generation Z bring to humankind? Answer: This is a very unique generation as they were born without almost any connection to the “previous Humanity” living before the global crisis – that affects all facets of Human life – wiped out all previous norms, values, moral foundations. While those who still … More The Exciting Responsibility Of Generation Z

Perfect Accomplishment By Asking What We Need

Question: Are all human beings capable of accomplishing ‘anything’ they put their minds to if they desire it enough? Answer: This is not a simple question at all. Our matter, the engine that drives us is an insatiable desire for existence, for pleasures. Consciously, unconsciously this desire burns in us and we are constantly in … More Perfect Accomplishment By Asking What We Need

Exciting Future

Question: How do future excites you? Answer: The future truly excites me, as for the first time we can use our true free choice! Contrary to our proud but foolish beliefs so far all through Human history we did not have freedom to choose our actions, directions at all. We have all been blindly following … More Exciting Future

Happiness Is Success

Question: Do you agree with the adage ‘happiness is success’? Answer: Yes, Happiness is the sign, the “jackpot” of success. Happiness is a positive feedback, result of fulfilling an all-important goal, fulfilling a great yearning, need. And since we are social, emotional creatures, the greatest possible happiness we achieve is when we purposefully build positive, … More Happiness Is Success

Awakening The Dawn

Question: How do you want to spend your mornings this year? Answer: The mornings, especially the early morning before the sun comes up are very important. It is not accidental that if there is anything different religions, spiritual teachings can agree on is the special use of those early hours of dawn. In that special … More Awakening The Dawn

Leaving A Meaningless Life To Find Life’s Meaning

Question: How do you live with the fact that life is meaningless? What should I live for? Answer: I can’t live with the fact that is meaningless. The moment one had the question about “meaning of life” popping into one’s head, this question becomes irrepressible, intolerable and one has to search for a meaning. And … More Leaving A Meaningless Life To Find Life’s Meaning