Having Everything Without The Ego

Question: Is it possible to believe you can have everything but also live without ego?

Answer: Well, yes and no.

We can’t live without the ego as the ego is all we have. But we can learn how to live without using the ego, as if “rising above it”, working against it.

Or as wise sages described, we can decide if we let the ego rule us, ride us, or we learn how to rule over, ride on top of the ego.

To have everything is only possible when we have learnt this, as by using the ego we can gain only very limited, egocentric, introverted pleasures, happiness in a world that is infinitely filled with pleasures, happiness we can’t even imagine until we are locked into the ego’s subjective cocoon.

Thus we can access and obtain everything we want and more when we rise above the ego and use the desires, needs, viewpoints of others, in order to obtain and pass on the infinite pleasures, happiness available in reality!

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