Steps Leading To Happiness

Question: What are some steps to true happiness that everyone is looking for?

Answer: Since “true happiness” is not something personal, but it is a unique, collective emotional impression, “contentment” that arises from positive, purposefully built, mutually supportive and mutually fulfilling Human connections, the steps we need to take for “true happiness” are steps that build such interconnections.

This is not as “easy” as its sounds. Those connections that yield true happiness have to be completely selfless, unconditionally loving, serving others. Only through such “pure”, transparent connections can we feel Nature’s “circle of life”, life-giving, evolutionary force flow through. Sensing this flow gives us the sense of unprecedented, infinite happiness or “bliss”.

Since we would need to build such connections above and against our inherently selfish, distrusting, egoistic nature, we need a unique, purposeful, practical educational method to reach true happiness.

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