Who Is Happier, The Poor Or The Rich?

Question: What makes the rich happy and the poor frightened?

Answer: First of all I am not sure about your statement. This might be true in Hollywood and in women magazines, but it does not seem to reflect true life.

Do you see the “rich and famous” surrounded by their armed bodyguards, constantly worrying about their lives, about the zeros on their bank accounts, going through the well-publicized million dollar divorces, constantly lobbying, trying to twist, distort the system, politicians laws, taxes for their own favor…

Have you seen poor people in India, Africa who are absolutely happy, content with their lives as long as they have their suitable, natural, daily necessities fulfilled and can work for themselves and for their societies?

We use the notions of “happiness” and “poverty”in a very subjective and distorted manner these days as we have lost all connections to our original, Human foundations.

In its original meaning rich is one who is happy with whatever one has, especially if one has positive, mutually supportive and mutually complementing connections to others.

And poor is the person who is isolated, locks oneself into one’s own fortress, disconnected from true, honest, loving Human connections.

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