Tyne True “Guardians Of The Galaxy”

Question: What Do you think the fate of our planet is?

Answer: I do not know the fate of our planet in terms of cosmology. But in terms of Human survival, the survival of Earth in regards to Human activity, everything depends on us.

The way we live, act right now is self-destructive. Regardless of who is right in the “climate debate”, overall with our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, greedy paradigm we behave like cancer (or virus as Agent Smith put it in the movie “Matrix”). As a result we will sooner or later (probably quite soon) self-destruct.

We won’t destroy the planet, as Nature’s system is much greater, stronger than us. Since we are still integrated in the same closed, fully integrated Natural system we evolved from – contrary to our foolish, stubborn, egoistic beliefs – Nature will reject us way before we have a chance of truly harming, destroying it.

Thus we do not really need to worry about the fate of the planet. What we need to worry about is our own survival.

And here the formula is very simple. Either we study Nature’s system in greater detail, in order to learn all of its fundamental laws, its intelligent evolutionary plan with all of its details, cause and effect processes in order to adjust ourselves, adapting ourselves to the system, seamlessly integrating in it, or we will not survive beyond this or the next generation.

This is our only free choice in life!

On the other hand if we make the change and integrate, since we have to do it consciously, against our inherent nature thus gaining very important comparative research in the process, by the integration we become fully equal partners with the system.

Then we will become the true “Guardians of the Galaxy”!

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