Effectively Recharging Our Personal Batteries

Question: What should you do when nothing seems effective in “recharging your batteries”?

Answer: Recharging our batteries is ineffective because we think we can fill and recharge ourselves from our own battery all the time. It is like thinking we can invent a “perpetum mobile” electric car which can recharge itself while driving.

It is true that we can “drive our car for a long distance out of the saloon” with its initial fill. Since we are built from a desire for selfish pleasures, as long as this desire burns and we keep finding suitable fulfillment for it we seem to be ticking along just fine.

The problem comes when either the desire start lessening, evaporating, or we do not find the fulfillment we are looking for.

Today more and more people feel empty, get depressed, the so called “midlife crisis” – being aimless, being suicidal – moved to teenage years. And the previous “solutions” of searching for greater, more twisted, more juicy pleasures does not work either.

So now we try to escape into substance usage to try to disconnect ourselves from this reality that does not offer either ever growing desires, nor the appropriate selfish fulfillment.

It is Natural evolution that demands a new type of desire and a new fulfillment from us. Nature expects us to fulfill our Human potential, and to rise above the blind, random, instinctive desires of food, sex, family, wealth, power/fame, and knowledge, and instead to start searching for the true, overall meaning of life, try to find and take on our Human purpose in existence.

But we do not desire this by default. In our initial software we do not want to rise above those instinctive desires even if we can’t find true, lasting pleasures in them. So where could we find new desire, where can we find new fuel?!

Only in a uniquely built and organized purposeful environment, where everybody is committed to work for those new desires and fulfillment Nature’s evolution’s demand from us. Then we will have a common, mutual battery we can all fill when we are full of inspiration, desire, and draw energy from when we go flat and do not know what to do.

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