Constant Comparisons

Question: Do you have the habit of comparison? Answer: Yes, and it is a very important habit. Without comparison, without using contrasts, comparative research we can’t attain, perceive, understand anything! Our whole perception of reality is based on comparisons. How would be able to perceive sweet without also tasting bitter, feel warmth against cold, love … More Constant Comparisons

The Greatest Human Innovation: The Collective “Superhuman”

Question: What is the most important innovation humans have made? Answer: The greatest innovation of Humankind has not been implemented yet. We have to “innovate”, upgrade ourselves in order to unlock our “truly Human” potential. This innovation is the “creation” of a Human being, that – above the inherently selfish, egotistic, hateful and greedy nature … More The Greatest Human Innovation: The Collective “Superhuman”

The Importance Of Study

Question: Why is studying so important in life? Answer: “Studying” means collecting, computing information about our environment and about ourselves in order to survive, progress, grow. Thus any living creature constantly “studies”, otherwise we would not be able to exist. There are of course many levels of study, most of it is instinctive, serving a … More The Importance Of Study