The Importance Of Study

Question: Why is studying so important in life?

Answer: “Studying” means collecting, computing information about our environment and about ourselves in order to survive, progress, grow.

Thus any living creature constantly “studies”, otherwise we would not be able to exist.

There are of course many levels of study, most of it is instinctive, serving a baseline, day to day survival.

But Humans received the chance to study at a higher level. This “higher Human education” is a full, comprehensive study of Nature’s perfect, cosmic system with all of its cause and effect processes, its complete evolutionary plan.

Moreover this education primarily studies the Human itself, how the inherently “raw”, egoistic, self-serving, hateful and greedy “humanoid” can become a fully developed Human being that can fully, seamlessly integrate into the Natural system becoming its conscious partner, “guardian”.

Thus true education guides us towards Human purpose in life.

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