Reincarnating To Get To Know Ourselves

Question: Can reincarnation mean that I have to relive my life over and over again until I get it right?

Answer: No. We have nothing “to get right” as we are, we have been doing nothing wrong.

Through our sequential life cycles we are simply collecting information, data which happens in an instinctive subconscious level, until at one particular life-cycle we are given the chance to become conscious, objective observers of the process.

If we use this awakening, chance properly, to its full potential, at the end we gain access to our “previous recordings” and thus we can start viewing the whole process we need to go through and the final goal, purpose of this process in its entirety.

We are not “acting” in this process, our free act is to gain a selfless, independent observer viewpoint so we can study, understand and fully justify the developmental process we go through.

We can reach this perfect, selfless, objective observer state here and now, within this life-cycle and then as we move into a higher evolutionary degree, gaining a non-physical, selfless consciousness that is unbound by the subjective, physical limitations of time, space and motion, we won’t need to reincarnate again.

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