Learning The Plan To Know What’s Right

Question: What is one thing you could do to make tomorrow better than today?

Answer: In order to make things “better” we would need to be able to measure on an absolute scale what better/worse is.

Normally we measure things according to a “sweet/bitter” scale, in other words we calculate how things will be better, sweeter from our own self-serving, self-justifying, subjective point of view.

But this doesn’t necessarily agree with the absolute scale, in truth most of the time it is the opposite!

Our egoistic, subjective viewpoint is opposite with the global, collective, Natural viewpoint that is according to the absolute Natural scale, calculation.

So in order to know how to make tomorrow truly better, first we would need to study and understand the fully integrated, interdependent Natural system we exist in, so we could learn how to change ourselves and integrate in it.

This requires a unique, purposeful educational method and a special “laboratory-like” environment where the method can be immediately implemented

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