Is Overpopulation Truly A Problem?!

Question: Do you ever regret breeding because of overpopulation?

Answer: How do we know we are “overpopulating”? Who decided that Earth has a certain limit beyond which it can’t sustain more Humans?!

Is it not possible that the problem is not with the number of people in the world, but what they do, how they interact with each other, with the natural system, how these Humans share resources?!

After all we evolved from and still exist in a perfect, vast, cosmic Natural system that knows how to look after itself, how to keep balance. We have become so drunken with our own “pride abilities”, “achievements” (which we all borrow, learn from Nature) that we become convinced we have to manipulate, change, replace, erase things we see fit, according to our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective and thus extremely limited and distorted consciousness, perception.

Perhaps the only thing that needs changing – instead of manipulating numbers, facts, or everything that is outside of us – is our own consciousness, perception of reality?!

Perhaps evolution “released us into production” in this raw, unfinished, self-destructive format so we ourselves could consciously learn how to change ourselves, upgrade ourselves so we also become integrated with this perfect Natural system and thus justify our Human role in the system?!

And perhaps only after this integration, when we start to understand the Natural system from within – by becoming similar to it in the form of seamless, mutual Human integration – then we will be able to make judgement about the climate, resources, optimal population, natural necessities, how to build fair, peaceful and sustainable societies, because then we will make decisions with the newly acquired “Universal/Natural Collective Mind” instead of our own misguided, subjective, individual one!

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