Awakening The Dawn

Question: How do you want to spend your mornings this year? Answer: The mornings, especially the early morning before the sun comes up are very important. It is not accidental that if there is anything different religions, spiritual teachings can agree on is the special use of those early hours of dawn. In that special … More Awakening The Dawn

Planting Myself Into The Right Environment For Ideal Growth

Question: How did you grow as a person in 2018? Answer: I can’t really assess my own growth as it would be a very subjective, self-congratulating, self-justifying assessment. On the other hand my chosen environment that I “have planted myself into” has grown tremendously, progressing very fast towards its collectively agreed, committed to goal. And … More Planting Myself Into The Right Environment For Ideal Growth

Placing Our “Seed” In The Right, Fertile Soil

Question: What are some great metaphors that can illustrate the importance of beginnings? Answer: I like the metaphor of the seed, that is placed in the ground that rots first, but becomes a beautiful, fruit giving tree at the end. We can use this metaphor for our own Human evolution as well. But in our … More Placing Our “Seed” In The Right, Fertile Soil

Happily Paying Extra For Friendship

Question: What is something that you would gladly overpay for? Answer: It depends on importance. Anybody would “overpay” for something that is the most important thing in one’s life. And since we receive values, importance, goals from the environment we exist in, what we would overpay for also depends on the environment. Whatever is “in … More Happily Paying Extra For Friendship

Repairing The Human Growth Engine

Question: What are some factors affecting human growth and development? Answer: The most important factor for Human growth and development is the unique Human ego. It is this irrepressible ego with its infinite desire for more that drives us towards exploration, creation, invention, competition. But without harnessing, channeling this ego it is self-destructive like cancerous … More Repairing The Human Growth Engine