Placing Our “Seed” In The Right, Fertile Soil

Question: What are some great metaphors that can illustrate the importance of beginnings?

Answer: I like the metaphor of the seed, that is placed in the ground that rots first, but becomes a beautiful, fruit giving tree at the end.

We can use this metaphor for our own Human evolution as well. But in our case the process has to unfold in a fully conscious, proactive manner since our Human purpose is to learn about and fully attain the magnificent system of Nature with all of its intricate cause and effect processes.

Thus we proactively have to place our “seed” – that inner spark in us that wants to know the meaning of life, our Human purpose in life – into the “ground”. This “ground” is a unique environment, where we can consciously, methodically “peel off” our inherently selfish, egoistic crust, shell from around that “Human spark”.

Then by immersing into this “ground” – drawing forces, inspirations, positive examples and constant support from it – that initial selfless, formless spark can grow into a “truly Human being”, one that becomes similar (based on its Hebrew translation the expression “Human” – Adam comes from “similar”) to Nature – acquiring the natural (godly) quality of altruistic, unconditional service and love towards others.

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