Accepting The Grim Reaper’s Job

Question: If one day you woke up to the Grim reaper, and he tells you his 1000 year duty is up and you are next in line. Would you gladly accept the job as the grim for the next 1000 year?

Answer: In order to answer this question first we would need to accept and understand that we exist in a fully deterministic system, that is guided, driven by an intelligent, very precise evolutionary plan. This plan contains an unchangeable and irreplaceable “cogwheel role” for all of us.

Our freedom in this system is not about changing who we are, what we do, or how we do it. Our freedom is related to how fast we learn the system and its plan, how fast and effectively we find and fulfill the role that is assigned to us.

Thus if our role is to become the Grim Reaper and the previous “Grim” brings us our precise job description and proof that this role is ours from now on, we do not have any choice in accepting or not accepting it. Our choice is to learn how and why we have to perform this role and then see how purposeful and necessary it is for the optimal function, well-being of the whole system.

Then we will be able to justify even a role like the “Grim Reaper’s”. After all even he doesn’t act on his own volition, simply performs the job he was given, serving the complete, purposeful system…

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