Accessing Nature’s “Cosmic Google” Search

Question: What emotions occur for you when a question isn’t answered? Answer: An unanswered question causes frustration, like an unfulfilled hunger, yearning. A question always signals a need,a need that needs to be fulfilled, thus when no answer comes it increases the need which we “decode” as pain. We are not aware of this consciously … More Accessing Nature’s “Cosmic Google” Search

Purposefully Entering The Incubator To Be Born Again…

Question: If you knew life starts over as a newborn after death, how long would you want to live before starting over? Answer: I would like to restart right now – even without, before dying in my present body! The way we “live” today cannot be considered a “Human life”. We are simply, blindly, instinctively … More Purposefully Entering The Incubator To Be Born Again…

Regarding Purpose Of Life Our Agreement, Consent Will Come At The End

Question: What is the purpose of life, did we agree to it before coming? Answer: No we did not agree to it, nobody asked us to sign a contract before we came to this world! Nevertheless we have a very precise, predetermined purpose as outlined in Nature’s plan of evolution. And today we exist in … More Regarding Purpose Of Life Our Agreement, Consent Will Come At The End

Unearthing True Happiness

Question: Many people seem to chase after happiness, but confuse happiness with contentment. I believe ‘happiness’ is more of an intense, fleeting feeling, whereas contentment is in itself calmer, but longer lasting, what do you think? Answer: I admit that I used to use the two expressions in an interchangeable manner, but after reading your … More Unearthing True Happiness

No Shortcuts

Question: When is it impossible for someone to create shortcuts in life? Answer: IT IS impossible to create shortcuts in life. As long as we believe in our proud individuality, personal freedom of choice, believing that our illusory Human bubble is real, we try cheating, try finding shortcuts. Today through the deepening and unsolvable global … More No Shortcuts