Attaining The Only Force In Reality

Question: What role does God play in your life?

Answer: “God”, or a single force, “Force of Nature”, with a single, “intelligent” plan that determines everything in reality plays an important role in my life.

(Actually if we talk about a force that encompasses everything, besides which there is no other acting force, we could even say that only “God” plays all the roles in my life, being the only “puppet master” animating everything else…)

But I am a scientists, “believing” in empirical, natural research, experimentation, leading to objective, tangible conclusions, results. Thus I can’t just assume that there is such an all-encompassing force driving us, determining our lives.

I need the right, scientific method that can give us the “laboratory” and the tools to actually, tangibly, realistically reveal this single operating force through becoming similar to it.

Due to the subjective nature of our perception of reality, we only sense, attain something when we reach similarity, equivalence of qualities, form with the attained. Thus in order to reveal, understands the single force acting in reality, we have to “clothe into” its primary qualities, “acting like it”.

After all even the writings declare, “…Through your actions do we know you…”, When we can perform the actions this singular force performs, we will gain emotional impressions teaching us everything about that force.

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